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Kelly McMichael



About How To Cope with Trump

Depressed after the inauguration, Dr. Kelly McMichael, CHHC attended the Women's March in Austin and left excited, believing that though things looked desperate, if citizens united together, they could resist the hate-filled agenda being pushed forward by the Trump administration.  But after a first week of serious activism, McMichael realized that this was going to be a long and hard struggle and that she and her fellow activists needed an online "meeting" space if they were to keep up their energy over the next four years.  To meet that need, she created the site "How to Cope with Trump" as a positive place for new political activists to connect, create community, and engage in positive conversation.  The site includes activism information, an updated calendar of events, forums, a community blog.  Additionally it showcases artists activists and has a book club and a recipe section. 

Dr. McMichael, CHHC is a history professor, writer, and Certified Holistic Health Coach.