Is Trump More Predictable than we Think?

Among many of the things I've lamented over the last few months is how unpredictable life has become.  There's no five-year planning in my future--shoot, there's not even any six-month planning when it feels like nuclear war or a race war are staring me down.  Trump and the chaotic world he has created is just so unpredictable it's thrown me into a day-to-day existence as if the future doesn't exist.  

While there are some good things about this mentality--why diet?  You could be dead tomorrow.  Eat that cupcake today--overall, I have found that it increases my anxiety and my stress levels are already through the roof.  

But Jared Yates Sexton postulates in this article that Trump is far more predictable than we give him credit and the bottom line is:  he's insecure.  So what will the most insecure person you've ever encountered do next?  

If you think like that, it may be a lot easier to predict what Trump's next plan may be and begin to understand why so many people voted for him.  

Then maybe we can get to work at solving the real issues facing our future.