Stop Saying the Republicans Failed

Stop saying the Republicans failed.  Every time I hear or read that line I cringe.  I get it--it makes us who have been working so hard to defend the ACA feel good--like we've succeeded in this shit storm that is the Trump presidency but stop.  Just stop. 

Saying the Republicans failed may make us feel good for a few minutes but further ostracizes all those moderate, sane Republicans and continues this dichotomy of "us versus them." 

It was never "us versus them" and that's the kind of attitude that has gotten us into this mess we are in. 

It is and always was just "us."  I am that truck driver illegally driving eighty hours a week to try and pay off medical bills for my little girl.  I am that waitress working double shifts and another job on the side and sometimes selling marijuana to try and pay for my sixteen year old daughter who got pregnant--who increased the mouths in our house to four:  me, a single mom, a sixteen year old, a five year old, and now a newborn.  I am that man who is retirement age but bagging groceries at the local store because my full-time job didn't include retirement and once I was let go from that, I was too old to get another decent paying job.  Now I'm sixty-five and carrying groceries to the car for young mothers.  I am that fifteen year old singing on a stage downtown on Friday night hoping to get out this shit-hole town and sing for a living.  If I just believe hard enough and get lucky, maybe that will be me on the radio. 

It was always "us"--we are all these people and more.  Maybe your life has been a little easier than the average.  You were born into a white, middle-class family that expected you to go to college.  You got a good job and advanced.  You weren't rich but you were comfortable.  But how much of that could change based on the toss of a dime? 

Yes, I'm a liberal progressive.  But I know a great many good, honest, caring conservatives who want all people to have access to affordable healthcare.  These people didn't "fail" because their party wasn't able to pass a vote last week--the people, "us," won a brief respite in this war we are waging with the top one percent. 

Those are the people in power, the oligarchy controlling Congress, and they lost round one.  But it's a long fight, and they've got plenty of resources to insure an eventual victory, and if we keep talking about how Republicans "lost," they'll win even faster and more easily.

There's no us versus them in this fight.  There's the American people against some kind of hidden ruling class that is pulling strings we can't even begin to imagine, much less see.  So just stop with the talk about Republicans losing.  Instead, let's bond together all us regular folks who work for a living and take our government away from the ultra-rich and make it accountable to everyone, for everyone--the liberals and the conservatives because we are all Americans and when it comes down to it--we all want the same thing:  to be able to live freely, strive for happiness, and fulfill our dreams.