Power to the People! Down with the Man!

We've been doing our best to ignore and avoid a "land" guy who represents a pipeline company who has decided to build a pipeline across our property.  I figure we already have five pipelines that criss-cross our acreage, can't someone else have a chance at one? 

But no.  They pulled the imminent domain card this week, demanding to survey and threatening a court order.  I called the Railroad Commission to make sure that they were a common carrier--they are--then called my lawyer. 

He said we could fight it but we'd lose.  Best to let them survey and then get ornery later when they start to build. 

It's frustrating.  They get 50 feet of right away and will take a huge swath of trees, a creek, and destroy the water flow to our largest pond and there's not a thing we can do about it.  Not only does it hurt our land and our sensibilities, it goes against everything we believe in about the future of energy.  I assure you, pulling liquid natural gas out of the ground and shipping it across Texas is short-term thinking.  But I guess these guys think they'll get richer while they can and the rest of us can go to hell. 

Capitalism is the root of the problem but most Americans have been brainwashed into believing it's a great thing, even those who are working two and three jobs and suffering under its effects.  Take a quick google of "capitalism is the problem."  You'll find some interesting reading. 

At what point will greed reach the tipping point and crash in on itself?  When millions die for lack of healthcare?  When the oceans reach an acidity point that no one can go for a swim?  When Wall Street is underwater?  Seems like it will be too late by that point and the rich will be high-and-dry in their luxury bunkers swimming in their underground pools. 

I was pretty depressed by this thought until I remembered all those crazy survivalists.  I can't wait to see how they invade those bunkers and take back America.

"Power to the People!  Down with the man!"