Voting App: The "Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How" of Voting

Don’t want to vote in today’s election because you aren’t sure for whom to cast your ballot? 

Not to worry, there’s an App for that.  F. Joeseph Santori and Jeff Cardenas, co-founders of an Austin-based technology company developed The Voting App, a free nonpartisan tool that aggregates the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of local elections, according to address. 

Santori and Cardenas developed this App to increase voter turnout.  When looking at the best place to test the application, they chose San Antonio because it has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation.  Reports estimate that less than one out of every ten registered voters actually voted in San Antonio in the past. 

After successful launches in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, the App is now available state-wide.  The tool will include other states soon, and the company is coordinating with many organizations to expand the applications’ capabilities. 

No more excuses.  Get the App and get to the polls by 7 p.m. tonight. 

Find out more about the App and download now.