How Can we Make America Great?

A solid victory this last week in saving the ACA.  I'm not sure what that will mean going forward but for today, Obamacare lives.  And that's a great feeling.  There's been a dozen people in my deep red county that I'd love to walk up to and say "yeah, you can think me and my 'liberal' friends for saving your medicaid!" But I regret those thoughts the minute I have them.  It's true--I am fighting for people, some of whom don't even know that they are voting against their own interests.  But my feeling smug or superior isn't going to help either of us.  It's my job to find ways to reach out to these folks and educate them, without me looking all smug and superior.  I think that's a problem the Democrats often have--we think we know better (and sometimes we do) but that impression doesn't win over people who are struggling to put food on the table.  And that's what I keep coming back to.  Many of the people who voted for Trump did so because things hadn't improved for them under Obama and Hillary promised more of the same.  They are hoping that some outside force (in this case Trump and his promises) would create a world that would be easier and better. 
The thing I've learned is that no outside force can make things easier or better.  You've got to make that happen yourself for yourself and your people.  I know that can feel impossible when you are down to your last $3.12 in the bank, the car has a flat tire, you've no child care, and you've got to be at your second job in 15 minutes.  I get that.  I've been in that situation a few times.  It feels desperate and like it's impossible to climb out of. 
And that's what we need to be thinking of when we are protesting and engaging in activism--how can we create a world where we can throw a ladder down to people in that situation so they can climb out on their own? 
Does that mean free education?
Does that mean free healthcare?
Does that mean free childcare? 
Does that mean free job training? 
These are the things that will enable people to make a better world for themselves so that they aren't looking to some politician who promises a magic bullet to make America great. 
It's up to us to make America great--and making America great means taking the corporations out of healthcare, education, childcare, and job training. 
Now, let's get to work doing just this.  Join me?