First Stitch-in for "Silenced: Women's Voices"

The first stitch-in, held Tuesday, July 27, 2017 was a great success.  The photo represents a small sampling of the pieces made by four ladies who joined together and talked about the ways in which their voices have been silenced in society and what that has meant for their careers and home-lives and more importantly, their daughters. 

The project is inspired by Rebeccca Solnit's essay, "A Short History of Silence."  From the essay:
"It's not hard to see legislation that pretends to focus on the rights of the unborn over the rights of women in whom the unborn are situated as actually focused on the rights of men and the state over women's bodies; or to see, in the effort to deny access to birth control and abortion, an attack on women's autonomy, agency, and right to choose what sex means to them, to control their own bodies, to pursue pleasure and connection without submitting to the enormous demands of maternity, or to choose that maternity on their own terms."