World Geography Teacher Needs Our Help: Cassandra Neve

Hi there! I'm a World Geography teacher in Pflugerville, TX and I am currently teaching my students that while we are all different, by opening our eyes and ears, we can change the world. So I just wanted to share this with you all!

My friends call me Cass, but to almost 150 kids my name is Ms.Neve and I am trying to bring the world to their doorstep. I teach World Geography to some awesome freshman students in Pflugerville, Texas, USA and to help them connect with the outside world I need you. So welcome to our classroom!
At the beginning of the school year I asked all my students to learn what countries their family came from and we pinned all the locations on a map. They get to look at this map every day to remind them that we are connected to many different places around the globe.
So I am asking anyone and everyone to send us postcards from their home country/city or anywhere around the world so that they can learn about other places from the people who actually live there. Feel free to write in English or in your native language as I have challenged my students to decipher them as part of the learning process. We would appreciate your help in spreading our request to your friends all around the globe and helping me make different cultures, languages, and regions hands on for my students.

We would like to learn about your language, food, religions, customs, regions, or anything else you would like to share with us and thanks for helping us learn! Please spread the word!

Cassandra Neve
P.O Box 3611
Pflugerville, Texas, 78691