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CA: Los Angeles: Immigrants Make America Great March

Held at Pershing Square.  1 1 to 2:30 PM.

RAIN OR SHINE we will march!

Since Trump's inauguration, our communities have been met with the exacerbation of raids, Muslim bans, hate crimes and criminalization.

Trump has unleashed vicious attacks against indigenous, Black (im)migrant, refugee, Muslims, women, poor, working class and LGBTQI+ communities and other oppressed communities. We invite everyone to join us as we unite around those being attacked. We stand with and elevate the voices of the undocumented, Black, Brown, trans, queer, Muslim communities who are leading the way in the resistance.

List of Demands:

We demand an immediate stop to the ICE raids and deportations.

We demand that Mayor Erick Garcetti officially establishes Los Angeles as a sanctuary city and that the city refuses to collaborate with ICE.

We demand that the Mayor and the County say NO to subsidizing Trump's deportation machine. The city and the county MUST make strong policies to prohibit local and county resources from being used by ICE.

We demand that the Mayor fully fund day laborer centers, which will increasingly be targets of the new administration.

We demand that the LA Justice Fund be based on principles of equality and fairness, that there be NO excluding of people with felony convictions. #DueProcess4ALL #Sanctuary4ALL

We demand that the LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s stop criminalizing poor youth and street vendors.

We demand that the LAPD stops killing Black and Brown people! Defund and dismantle the LAPD. Invest in schools, healthcare and youth development. Sanctuary for ALL brown and black people.

We demand that ALL PEOPLE, documented and undocumented have access to healthcare. Health Care for ALL.

We demand real sanctuary at our schools where there are no police officers criminalizing our youth.

We proclaim that #BLACKLIVESMATTER


From Palestine to Mexico, ALL THESE WALLS have got to go!!


We don't want borders/walls. We won't comply. We won't be governed. We won't be silenced. We will survive and we will resist. We will build REAL sanctuaries that are inspired by Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad. We will rebel against Trump's actions at every step of the way. We won't rely on elected officials to speak for the people! The people will speak for themselves.

The action: Take the streets. Come hear from community members who have been directly impacted by Trump's attacks! We will also discuss the next steps in our efforts to organize our communities to defend themselves from the increasing attacks.

SPEAKERS: To Be Announced shortly