Books for Children

Bader, Bonnie.  (Nancy Harrison illustrator.)  Who was the Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Penguin, 2007.  


Bausum, Ann.  With Courage and Cloth:  Winning the Fight for a Woman’s Right to Vote.  National Geographic Children’s Books, 2004.


Brannen, Sarah S.  Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons Books, 2008.


Buitrago, Jairo.  (Rafael Yockteng, illustrator.)  Two White Rabbits.  Groundwoods Books, 2015.  


Bunting, Eve.  (Red Lewin, illustrator.) One Green Apple.  Clarion Books, 2006.  


Cronin, Doreen.  (Betsy Lewin illustrator.)  Duck for President.  Atheneium Books, 2004.


Coerr, Eleanor. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.  Puffin, 1977.


De Hann, Linda.  (Stern Nijland illustrator.)  King and King.  Tricycle Press, 2003.


DePaola, Tomie.  Oliver Button is a Sissy.  Harcourt, 1979.


Diggs, Taye.  Chocolate Me!  Feiwel & Friends, 2011.


Hoffman, Mary.  Amazing Grace.  Dial Books, 1991.  


Holman, Sandy Lynne (Lela Kometiani illustrator.)  Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?  Culture Co-Op, 1998.  


Lewis, John.  March.  Top Shelf Production, 2013. 


Kilodavis, Cheryl.   (Suzanne DeSimone, illustrator.)  My Princess Boy.  KD Talent LLC, 2010. 


Moore, Sandra.  (Illustrated by Kazumi Wilds.) The Peace Tree from Hiroshima:  Little Bonsai.  Tuttle Publ., 2015.  


Polacco, Patricia.  The Keeping Quilt.  


Parr, Todd.  The Peace Book.  Little, Brown Books, 2005.


Seus, Dr. The Lorax.  Random House, 1971.


Tonatiuh, Duncan.  Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant’s Tale.